Hey! Bryant and Heather here.

Our story begins in the desert where we fell in love. After parting ways for two years and only being able to write letters, absence made the heart grow fonder and we ended up getting married in the heat of the summer. Somehow we are lucky enough to call the North Shore of Oahu home these days.

Heather digs Mexican food and being in nature. Bryant thinks the ocean counts as a shower and is almost always building something.

Together we love to create and share.

We’re the Goodmans. This is our life, and we plan on living it good and doing some good along the way. Welcome to Our Good Adventure.

Because we have extremely limited slots open, we are currently only booking for travel opportunities in 2018 right now! Thank you for your understanding!



Albion Fit

Thread Wallets

Proof Eyewear

The Refined Woman

Camille Styles