This month I was lucky enough to spend a week beach camping in Carlsbad with Bryant’s sweet family. We’re both so grateful for the time we got to spend with them. Bryant grew up beach camping at the same spot and it was beautiful to join in on his childhood tradition. I loved running on the beach in the mornings, watching the boys surf (and sometimes joining), and taking chilly dips before the sun was even out. We lived by the sun and tides and ate whatever we felt like. It was a wonderful week of rest, family time, and the simple things.

This summer has been one of the most reflective times of my life. I’ve been reevaluating what’s important, what my goals are, and where I want our life to go. And for once, I’m not hitting the ground running. Rather, I’m seeking rest and quiet. I have so many goals and projects I want to accomplish, yet I feel a quiet voice inside of me begging for patience and pleading for stillness. And so I am saying yes to that voice. There will be a season to accomplish those things, but that season isn’t this summer.

Even now that we have started our whirlwind of a trip in Asia, I’m putting my intention in just being. Simply existing. Not trying to accomplish anything or achieve goals but just revel in the presence of this insanely beautiful world.

I feel happy and at peace.

xoxo Heather


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